We postponed the workshop to 19th –20th November. In respect of the current Corona crisis we reserve the final decision to June.

2020 Vienna Workshop on Digital Humanism

TU Wien, FAV 1 and 2, Favoritenstrasse 9-11, 1040 Vienna, Austria

Organizer: Research Unit E-Commerce, TU Wien

The 2019 Vienna Workshop on Digital Humanism was a first gathering and positioning – identifying the problem, also the start to create an international community. The major outcome was the Vienna Manifesto on Digital Humanism, for setting the stage and defining general principles.

What have we learned since then:

  1. The Manifesto – besides identifying the problem and listing principle cornerstones – is a positive document, highlighting an alternative future path.
  2. The topic AI and ethics is important, but Digital Humanism is broader, dealing with the entire relationship of humans and machines, of informatics and society.
  3. The Manifesto has been very well received and is now broadly supported; it already has had political impact.
  4. We need to extend, to broaden, and to proceed to make Digital Humanism happen.

This is the background of the second workshop, its focus is on realizing Digital Humanism.

Workshop structure:

We will have four half-day sessions, with coffee breaks and lunch.

Friday afternoon we will concentrate on steps forward. First with a brainstorming session and afterwards a panel on how to proceed.

Participation will be limited to 100 persons in order to enable an interactive session.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding the Corona virus: The workshop will take place either in the normal format, with physical presence of both the speakers and the participants, or online with no physical presence. This decision will be made before Easter.

Supported by and co-organized with:

WWTF – Vienna Science and Technology Fund
Informatics Europe
Faculty of Informatics – TU Wien